Monday, February 6, 2012

New Beginnings and Heartfelt Thank Yous

Hello World-

Tonight, the man in brown delivered to our door steps two copies of ‘Personal Finance: Building Your Future’ Walker & Walker 1e. After three years, hard work and much support and encouragement from the McGraw Hill editors, the 480 page book dropped on our door step and for the techie side of me, complete with QR codes that really work with the blog, which is too cool on so many dimensions.
The book arrival is not an end point. It is a kick-off to a whole new adventure. We look forward to classroom adoptions and interactions with the blog and how social media can influence student learning and help keep current events interwoven with discussion items in the class room.
We want to reach out just one more time to our friends at McGraw Hill. Hugs and cartwheels to Michele Janicek, Jennifer Lohn, Melissa Caughlin, Diane Nowaczyk, Jennifer Jelinkski, Ann Torbert, Bradley Woodrum, Johnna Barto, Elizabeth Hughes and all of the other editors, production staff, and marketing staff who have teamed up with us on this journey. However wonderful and beautiful the hard copy of this book, it is just the start.
And to those who gave us feedback prior to publication, thank you for helping us frame the book so that it is a fair and balanced perspective to personal finance. In this day and age, do you think we can find you on face book to say thank you directly? Zuckerberg would support that approach. In fact, he might throw stock at it.
So finally, in case we can’t facebook friend you, a sincere thank you to Angel Alexander ~Brenda Anthony~Michael Araujo~Sean Basford~Pam Bennett~Ross Blankenship~Karin Bonding~Walter Boyle~Craig Bythewood~Ron Camp~Peter Chen~Margaret (Meg) Clark~Fernando Conde~Barbara Connolly~Nirmalendu Debnath~Beth Deinert~Susan Feinberg~Chuck Finnell~Elizabeth Fletcher~Roy Fletcher~Paula Freston~David Fricke~Wayne Gawlik~Terri Gonzales~Judith Griffin~Jana Hosmer~Sandra Huston~Seonah Kendall~Jim Keys~Lee Kitchen~Juannae Landry~Jeff Livingston~Thomas Lynch~Bala Maniam~John Marcis~Mario Mastrandrea~Diane Masuo~Robert McCalla~Jamshid Mehran~Jim Meir~Tammi Metz~Dianne Morrison~Pattabiraman Neelakantan~Thomas O’Keefe~Dan Oglevee~Diana Parker~Martina Peng~Lori Radulovich~Andreas Rauterkus~Greg Richey~Andrew Salcido~Lawrence Schuffman~Patricia Shaw-Crabb~Michael Slates~Martin Spechler~Edith Strickland~Sven Thommesen~Steve Tolbert~Lilian Nnenna Ukadike~Shafi Ullah~Randall Valentine~Dick Verrone~Rubina Vohra~Andy Whitman~Walt Woerheide~Bruce Xiao


  1. Congrats!!!! LOOOVVVEEEE the book!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment. It was fun to write together!

  2. Pretty exciting--congratulations!

  3. It's beautiful and fantastic!