Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brown Bag Valentine

It is Valentine’s frugal fun time. In keeping healthy hearts, label one of these healthy snack items and sneak it into your sweetheart’s lunch box. The following are a few sweet (as in thoughtful) sample valentines lunch box label treats for you to consider:
1. Apple: “You are the apple of my eye”
2. Cheese Slices: “Our love is so cheesy!”
3. Cupcake: “You are my little cupcake”
4. Cherries: “I cherish the memories”
5. Almonds: “I am nuts about you”
6. Pepper Packets: “You spice up my life”
7. Turkey Roll Up: “Don’t’ be a turkey, go out with me”
8. Ham Roll Up: “I am a real ham when it comes to dating you”
9. Peanut Butter and Jelly: “We go together like peanut butter and jelly”
10. Sushi: “You are the wasabi of my sushi”
11. Lettuce Salad: “Lettuce enjoy our time together”
12. Relish Salad: “I relish our time together”
13. Tickets to Lunch: “Let’s ketchup”
14. Jar of Mustard: “I mustard enough courage to ask you out”
15. Olives: “Olive you”
16. Pickle: “If I am ever in a pickle, I want it to be with you”
17. Bouquet of 14 Carrot Sticks: “14-carrots for you”
18. Corn Chowder: “It may be corny, but I love you”
19. Tabasco Sauce: “You warm my up with your spice.”
20. Ice Cream Sandwich: “Ice cream with delight when I think of you”
21. Miniature Box of Lucky Charms: “You are my lucky charm”
22. Miniature Box of Corn Flakes: “Just like corn flakes, you are great!
23. Miniature Box of Raison Bran: “You are my Raison Bran, you keep me regular”
24. Jimmie Bean Sausage Muffin: “You are my Jimmie Bean Sausage Muffin, a little ray of sunshine”
25. Mentos and Diet Coke: “Our love is like Mentos and Diet Coke”
26. Maple Syrop: “ I’m stuck on you like syrup”
27. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup: “We go together like grilled cheese and tomato soup”
28. Pears: “We make the perfect pear”
29. Sweet Potato: “ You are like a sweet potato and I want to butter you up”
30. Plums: “Plum love into you”

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