Friday, July 31, 2015

Say Cheese

When taking on the topic of personal finance, I love hearing the stories where that voice speaks to you from the heart and leads you on the path of happy and home. 

We made a visit today to Belle Chèvre in Elkmont, Alabama and met the charismatic and delightful owner, Ms. Tasia Malakasis(Chief Cheese Officer).  I first learned about this impressive lady in perusing old publications of Organic Gardening. She left a very successful and financially rewarding career in Internet technologies to venture back to her roots and become a queen in the world of award-winning cheese making. Since that article, she has appeared in countless magazines, news shows, and newspapers and now author of two culinary books.

Her list of accomplishments are impressive but upon meeting with her in person, I found that gold nugget I love most that I see in those who pursue their passion -that positive and happy energy that radiates from inside them and just makes them glow. 

She discovered her culinary passions by taking non-credit courses at the Culinary Institute of America while on a sabbatical from her corporate career. This led her to her discovery of Belle Chèvre cheese. She eventually left New York City, a big pay check, and the stress of corporate life to volunteer at Bell Chèvre and learned the art of cheese making. After 6 months, she purchased Belle Chèvre, has grown the company considerably, increasing the product portfolio, sales and distribution to many national retail stores. 

If ever on I-65 through Alabama, take a 5 mile detour to Elkmont and visit Belle Chèvre. Pay to take the guided tour and perhaps you will have the good fortune to meet Tasia.