Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Savings

The garden is in and we are beginning to harvest the fruit (and vegetables) of our labor.  With this in mind, I got thinking about the benefits of a home garden.  You can do this even if you live in an apartment, using container gardens, or a small raised bed.  We are fortunate that we have the space for a big garden and even a coop for free reign chickens who provide us with fresh eggs.
With a little bit of time you can save big at the grocery store by planting what you eat.  Tomatoes are easy to grow and one to three plants will feed a family all summer. Leaf Lettuce and Swiss Chard will grow continuously till frost. If you have more than you can keep up with,  you can freeze or can to save them for winter.
Lettuce, beets, spinach and Swiss chard are now being harvested and it makes for great salads. We will be able to put in a second planting so we have these vegetables fresh going into fall.

Besides the fresh vegetables, other benefits include:
Ø  You save money by less shopping at the grocery store
Ø  You eat better with higher quality fresh vegetables
Ø  You have time to enjoy working in the garden and harvesting what you planted
Ø  You may loose weight because you are exercising more and eating better
Ø  You have a stress release from your busy workday.

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