Thursday, May 15, 2014

Personal Finance and Passion

My passion is farming and people and writing and creating. This month, we ventured into a dream of mine; starting the Walker Homestead CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Bob will remind me that this is a business and we need to be making money at it. And I remind him that this is a passion and we need to be having fun with it; creating, experimenting, and sharing the goods and trials with our new extended CSA family. That in itself has a lot of value, and I would argue much more than a pile of money for which to select an investment option.
Yes, I could make much more on an hourly basis, exercising some of my other learned skills, but I earn so to keep me and my family secure and happy and so that so I can do things I want to do. Starting up a CSA -planning the events, sharing ideas between members, creating the gardens and the orchards and working with hens, thinking about milk goats (and maybe a few piglets) is joyful. And at the same time, we are earning money and reducing some of our tax liabilities.
Which speaks to the principle: If you find an occupation that you love, you will never have to ‘work’ a day of your life. It is graduation time. Good luck to all seniors in pursuit of your passion.

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