Sunday, October 9, 2011

National Document Shredding Day?

There is not an official ‘National Document Shredding Day’ yet … And maybe that’s ok, because it is a good habit to take on daily. If you do not own a shredder, watch for local ‘shredding’ days that may be sponsored by a local bank or your city. On September 30, 2011, the whole state of Tennessee sponsored a document shedding day to promote identify theft awareness.

What should you be shredding? Anything that may contain personal identifying information such as Social Security numbers, your address, date of birth or passwords, cancelled checks, check registers, bank statements or receipts, loan documents, mortgage documents, brokerage statements, school records, credit card, mortgage and finance solicitations, credit card statements, contracts, personal business papers, and credit applications.

Not only are you protecting yourself from identity theft or fraud, often the shredded material will be recycled into items such as commercial grade paper towels, toilet paper and other paper products.


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  3. I hope many people participated in the National Document Shredding Day. Recycling shredded paper can help us to prevent the destruction of the more virgin forests, you know. :) By shredding paper instead of throwing it out, you open up numerous environmentally healthy alternatives to disposing of it, just like what Bob and Kristy mentioned above.

  4. Even that there's no day yet about National Shredding Day it's s good idea to hear that there are sponsors that serve for the city and use paper shredder to promote identity theft awareness. Thanks for this great information!