Sunday, August 21, 2011

Freezing Sweet Corn is Sweet Work!

This week a wind storm blew down three rows of our neighbor’s sweet corn. Luckily, the corn was ready to be picked. Now to be perfectly honest, picking sweet corn is hot work, especially in Iowa when the temps are in the 90’s and the humidity is in the 70’s. But here is what we have found to make the harvest enjoyable:
Do it with friends: Many hands make light work – as well as good conversation while doing the work.
Share a meal: We picked the corn at the farm, and then had a nice meal with FRESH (picked off the stalk less than an hour before eating) corn, with a home raised chicken, warm bread, great cheese and wine. And oh yes, a good desert before we started the shucking, cleaning, blanching, cooling, cutting and bagging of the corn.
Divide and conquer: It is just the way it works, but while the guys are shucking, the girls are cleaning, blanching and cooling the corn. By the time the guys get done shucking, it is time to start cutting the corn off the cob. When is it all cut, we bag it up for the freezer, teaming together, getting it done.
Share the profits: Now we didn’t make money by freezing corn, but we all saved money by having corn in our freezer to eat later. We shared what we harvested with those that helped and with our family and friend.
Make it festive: Making an evening event around the activity, such as sharing a meal and drink, adds to the camaraderie. Productive activity with others makes the “work” fun and leaves you feeling well and good.

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