Saturday, March 6, 2010

Save Energy -Save $$$

If you have a primary residence in Iowa and are served by MidAmerican Energy, then you are most likely eligible for a free energy inspection audit. We had our EnergyAdvantage® HomeCheck this past week. Not only was it FREE, but they made energy-saving improvements to our home during the audit. Outcome of the visit:
  • A FREE report of the condition of our home's insulation, heating and cooling efficiency, water heating equipment and windows
  • Replaced bulbs with FREE energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Swapped out two FREE shower heads with energy-saving, massaging shower heads
  • Installed a FREE energy-saving faucet aerator on the guest bathroom sink
  • Provided us with a 70% rebate for additional insulation in the attic (value of $750!)
There were a number of other things that they would have done, had our home needed it (such as water pipe insulation, water heater insulation blankets and programmable thermostats).

Check with your energy provider to see if they are offering the same service. Not only were the upgrades free, but they will help us save money on our future energy bills, the updates conserve energy and reduce the demand on natural resources needed to produce energy, reducing our carbon footprint.

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